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Bedrooms & Master Suites

The Bedroom. Studies show we spend more time in the bedroom than any other room in the house. Most of us (if you are lucky) will get 8 hours of sleep there. That means dust and pollen cannot be present. Mold and Mildew bust be done away with! Pet dander; even tho Fido is such a comfort for us at night; sheds and leaves hair all over! Its not his fault. All of these things lead to allergies or cause problems with our allergies. We must breath clean air; we must have a clean sanitary environment! You must call Jenny Maid’s! We know where the dust bunnies are; we know how to kill germs. We got this!

Below is a list of our full services for the Bedrooms & Master Suite.

The Master Bath might just be your favorite room in your house! We give this room the attention it deserves. Surfaces, mirrors, light fixtures all need to sparkle.

Below is a list of our full services for the Master Baths.

Tub/Shower Cleaned
Toilet & Surround Cleaned Inside & Out
Vanity Cleaned
Medicine Cabinet Cleaned & Shined
Light Fixtures &  Exhaust Fan Cover Dusted
Floors Cleaned (Vacuumed or Swept/Mopped)
Window Sills Cleaned
Mirror Cleaned
Light Switches Cleaned
Walls Cleaned

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