deep cleanHome – its such a comforting word! Why shouldn’t your house be as comforting as the word? Well it can. Give Jenny Maid’s a call today and we will make your home as comforting as it should be. From top to bottom, Jenny Maid’s works hard to make your house as spotless as possible. We know where the dirt and grime hide! With our Spring Deep Cleans we address the appliances in the kitchen that haven’t been cleaned from all of the holiday traffic; we take care of the blinds that you haven’t had time to get to; we go beyond the everyday clean that may not be visible right now but after time, will be obvious to your eyes as well as breathing in the dust. We have a checklist of items we follow to a T. Then we schedule you with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleans to address the daily use of your house so we can keep ahead of the game. Visit our website to see our checklist; check out our testimonies while you are there, then give us a call at (316) 210-1900! You will be glad you did. At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean so let us do what we love to do! Maid Clean Everytime … that’s Jenny Maid’s! @JennyMaidsICT @BoomerSmarts @DiningWithDenise @WichitaMomsBlog @DerbyInformer @GoWichita

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