Tips are Nice and Pleasant. Here a few holiday Tips for your Party Invitations. Looking your Best and feeling your Best is your number One priorty!

The holidays are the time to dress up and put your best face forward, so it’s unlikely your everyday cosmetics and beauty routine are up to snuff. While you don’t need to run out and purchase a whole new makeup palette, make a few inexpensive tweaks to your beauty routine and up your game for holiday parties and time with friends and family.

3. Add Color
You probably have black and brown eyeliner in your makeup bag, but because the holidays lend themselves to a more adventurous look, try experimenting with an inexpensive colored pencil for the holidays. If you have brown eyes, grab a navy pencil. If your eyes are blue, a maroon color looks best. Green-eyed girls can opt for a bronze color. A little unexpected color can perfect a festive look.


4. Exfoliate Your Pout
Dry winter air and indoor heating can wreak havoc on your skin and lips, leaving them begging for a little extra TLC. I like to exfoliate my lips using a clean, unused toothbrush dipped in a small amount of baking soda. Rub your lips in a circular motion to slough off dry skin. After exfoliating, slather on a moisturizing lip balm before adding your lip color on top. The result is smoother lips and improved lipstick application.

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