What a Great Weekend

Jenny MaidsGraduation, Mother’s Day, family gatherings, commencement speeches, AND beautiful weather. Busy, busy busy … but a good busy! Find the time to relax in a tranquil environment; a place where you can open the windows and doors and invite ole Mr. Sunshine in to warm the room. Enjoy a cup of tea while listening to the sounds of spring outdoors. Sounds good? Where is this place you ask? Its HOME. That’s right, your home. Or it can be after you have called Jenny Maid’s to clean your home. Jenny Maid’s brings out the sparkle in your home. Your home will shine like it is supposed to. You will be able to enjoy the fresh air with NO dust particles floating from the ceiling fans, or notice those nasty spots on the tile in the bathroom shower. No rings around the drains, no rust or scum buildup in the toilets. There is no clean like a Jenny Maid’s clean. Find out for yourself today, call Jenny Maid’s (316) 210-1900. Start your summer right, schedule a regular or bi-weekly clean with Jenny Maid’s and you will be amazed how much more you will be able to enjoy your home! At Jenny Maid’s We Love 2 Clean! #JennyMaidsICT #DiningWithDenise #BonnieBing #BoomerSense #DerbyInformer #MothersDay #Graduation

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