What’s With This Weather!

With all of this weather we have been experiencing, I decided to do some research on how to keep ahead of the mud and gunk that tracts into my house as well as into my loyal clients houses! I found this informative site that gives us all ideas on what to do. However, after reading this and how they advise adding a mud room ($$$), redoing your landscaping ($$$) and training your children and fur babies to wipe their feet in designated areas (yay right!), I really think you should just call Jenny Maid’s (316) 210-1900. After 10 plus years of cleaning wonderful homes in the Wichita area we know Kansas weather and we know where the gunk is! Give us a call today. Ask about our NEW CLIENT DISCOUNTS. We Love 2 Clean and We Love 2 Clean For You! https://www.installitdirect.com/learn/how-to-keep-mud-out-of-the-house-during-rainy-weather/

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