Breathe, Relax, Take in your home! What smells do you smell fresh air or musty air! Remember what flowers smelled like when you first received them. Well that the way Jenny Maid’s refresh you home’s air! Stop living in the dirt of winter and spring up your home! Spring CleaningsContinue Reading

Tips for freshening up the house quickly before company comes is always a  great idea But when you keep put cleaning off is when this becomes a problem! Let Jenny Maid’s solve your house cleaning problems. We Love 2 Clean! We are Licensed, Bond, And Insured. We are highest rated cleaningContinue Reading

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Give US a call TODAY (316) 210 1900. Visit Us on the web at And please remember to like Jenny Maid’s on Facebook! @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT @WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMC #EastHeightsUMC @MarkArtsks #MarkArts @DiningWithDenise #DiningWithDeniseContinue Reading

There is  always a significant value to the first of the month. You make a list of duties you would like to complete before the month is all over.  Then the list gets longer and longer, with busy schedules and then there no time for the little joys of life thatContinue Reading

Keeping a well maintained house can be an uphill task especially if you work full time or have young children, or both. That is why you hire a professional cleaning service. That is why you hire Jenny Maid’s. Breathe easy knowing that your home is in order. Call Jenny Maid’sContinue Reading

Hope you have enjoyed the Wichita Bridal Expo@ Century II Today. What better gift to give  the upcoming bride then a gift of a house cleaning service by Jenny Maid’s. Call Jenny Maid’s Today at (316) 210 1900. Like Us on Facebook! Visit our website at We Love 2Continue Reading

When the time comes to gathering and holiday cheer you want a company that will be stand on their word to be there. Jenny Maid’s is reliable, hard working and flexible scheduling around your schedule. We want to accommodate you on prepping for the holidays. We want to ease theContinue Reading