Is your house ready? We can help! Just give Jenny Maid’s a call at (316) 210-1900. We will make sure those surfaces sparkle; we will make sure the ceiling fan is dust free. Grime and deposits will be gone from the shower, sinks and toilet. Your floors will be shiny!Continue Reading

Where better to be than in the comfort of your freshly cleaned home watching the rain pass by. Put a kettle on and relax – you deserve it. Jenny Maid’s takes pride in the work we do and we want you to take pride in the work we do asContinue Reading

The best gift you can give mom is a day off! Call Jenny Maid’s today schedule a house cleaning for your mom. Can you just picture her coming home to a sparkling clean house. The look on her face when she can actually enjoy a cup of tea in herContinue Reading

Its finally here, graduation! Starting this weekend and pretty much every week throughout the month of May, graduation is our top priority. Be it from high school to vocational school to college, our schedules have filled up with practices, celebrations and get togethers of all shapes and sizes and someContinue Reading

This is Tax Time! That time of year when Uncle Sam reminds us that he “needs new shoes” so to speak! You know, the time of year when we look at our expenses closely; as well as our investments. You may or may not be able to deduct your houseContinue Reading

Its gonna be a Bright, Bright, Sunshiny Day! Yes there is that wind too! But who cares! Leave those windows opened, draw the drapes … let this beautiful sun in! You know that Jenny Maid’s will be there shortly to clean all of the pollen and pollutants along with theContinue Reading

Not really. We just love that nursery rhyme! You want to know what else we love? We love cleaning your house! Especially on rainy days like today! We love knowing that when you come home this afternoon you will have a smile on your face because your house is sparklingContinue Reading

Wasn’t it nice listening to the rain last night. Nothing as soothing as the sound of rain outside as you snuggle in your warm, soft bed. We love the rain! Granted it does make things a bit messy but don’t worry, Jenny Maid’s will clean up! That’s what we do.Continue Reading

How do you balance house cleaning and keeping up with the kids – its a juggling act! Try calling Jenny Maid’s. The kids are getting ready for Spring Break leaving you to compromise between your work schedule and time for the kids! Today’s family has very few hours together –Continue Reading

The wind, the dry dust, the mold and mildew that has accumulated over the past several months because of neglect … it happens! It happens to everybody! Today’s schedules do not allow much personal time – and when you get personal time you don’t want to be cleaning up yourContinue Reading