Monday the first day of the week! Wouldn’t  it be nice to come home to a clean house after a hard long day from work? Well, come give Jenny Maid’s a try! We Love to clean and have flexible scheduling and pricing to accommodate you. We are Licensed, Bond, and Insured.Continue Reading

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Enjoy your Christmas shopping Today! And be sure to watch for our holiday campaign starting the first of next week! We Love 2 Clean! Call Today! (316) 210 1900. @JennyMaidsICT #JennyMaidsICT @WichitaMomsBlog #WichitaMomsBlog @BonnieBing #BonnieBing @WicitaSymphony #WichitaSymphony @Wabahome #Wabahome @CenturyII #CenturyII @MTWichita #MTWichita @RotaryWichitaDT #RotaryWichitaDT @JLWichita #JLWichita @TheWichitaCC #The WichitaCC @EastHeightsUMCContinue Reading

Can you smell the turkey and hear the laughter of your family!Thanksgiving is four days away! It’s  time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Dirty, sticky, stuck-on grime is no way to go into your holiday. Jenny Maid’s as a  special running for the holiday. Cleaning Before the company ArriveContinue Reading

Tips are Nice and Pleasant. Here a few holiday Tips for your Party Invitations. Looking your Best and feeling your Best is your number One priorty! The holidays are the time to dress up and put your best face forward, so it’s unlikely your everyday cosmetics and beauty routine areContinue Reading

We all enjoy family gathering but when the house is messy and soap scrub build is in our shower we are hesitate to invite out of town guest. Start your holiday’s cleaning and just think about the holiday shopping list. Give Jenny Maid’s a call (316) 210 1900. We Love 2 Clean! LikeContinue Reading

Your home is cozy and it is yours. Your germs, Your dirt and grime from cooking dinner all holds places  in your home. Time  of relaxation cozying  up with a blanket and your pet.Great memories last a lifetime but dirt can bring a damper. Stop with the mess. and beginContinue Reading

1.Door Handles After a day of pottering about in the garden, you come hot, dirty, and messy. Have You thought about how dirty  your door handles are  after walking in? Or for that matter, do you think of  the door knob, fridge handle, switches, and cabinet handles after you touchContinue Reading

The middle of the week! Your body is tired and overworked. Don’t stress about the cleaning  your home! Call Jenny Maid’s (316) 210 1900.We want to clean for you so, you can give yourself a break. We have one time cleans, recurring cleans, options included are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. ChooseContinue Reading