This past week we have been focused on detailed cleaning, now lets talk customer service. Doesn’t it infuriate you when you are treated poorly; when you don’t get the respect you should from a company representative that you are spending your hard earned money with. Especially when it is inContinue Reading

Summer is almost here … that means get togethers, barbeques, weekend gatherings, family vacations, outings of all sorts! That also means very few hours to keep the house up! Call us at (316) 210-1900! Let Jenny Maid’s show you how easy it will be for you to get us onContinue Reading

You may be wondering, “Should I hire a cleaning service?”  because you are tired of cleaning the house. YES! You may think, “Can I afford a housekeeper?” YES! We will design a cleaning schedule and service just to fit your budget! You may be thinking, “Can I trust them? WillContinue Reading

Where better to be than in the comfort of your freshly cleaned home watching the rain pass by. Put a kettle on and relax – you deserve it. Jenny Maid’s takes pride in the work we do and we want you to take pride in the work we do asContinue Reading

The best gift you can give mom is a day off! Call Jenny Maid’s today schedule a house cleaning for your mom. Can you just picture her coming home to a sparkling clean house. The look on her face when she can actually enjoy a cup of tea in herContinue Reading

This all important week of graduation is here. That life turning moment when we have a glimpse of our future and how bright it can be. Surround yourself with a clean, positive outlook! Surround yourself with a sparkling clean house by Jenny Maid’s! You will know immediately your house hasContinue Reading

Its time to clean the house! Whether you don’t have time to get to the house cleaning; can’t physically clean it because you are sick with the flu or have an ailment of some sort; or if you just down right don’t what to clean the house … the factContinue Reading

We found this on the internet. We didn’t even know it existed. A Betty Boop shortfilm done in 1937. Too fun! We hope you enjoy this one on the beautiful Tuesday morning! It reminds of a simpler time! And remember Jenny Maid’s wants to clean your house because at JennyContinue Reading

You work hard all day plus keep up with the kids and everything else that fills the day, when do you have time to clean your house? Jenny Maid’s knows you don’t have time and besides who wants to clean their house when they have a few minutes of spareContinue Reading

Oh yes, that dreaded tax day. Okay so you have finally got all of the forms filled out and the taxes are paid. Maybe its time to celebrate or like many of us who have to pay, well its time for a breather. This is where Jenny Maid’s come in.Continue Reading