Jenny Maid’s has been cleaning my house for over a year now. Jenny is very professional. She provided me with a list of things she would perform each time she comes to my house. It is a very thorough list and she accomplishes it each time. When she leaves, my house looks spectacular. I look forward to coming home on the day that she cleans because I know that I will be walking into a beautiful clean house. I have no qualms about giving her a key so that she may clean while I’m away. She is very honest and very careful with my possessions. I highly recommend Jenny for your cleaning needs.

Sandra R.

Jenny Maid’s client since 2015

“Jenny Maid’s is a loyal, trustworthy company”.



Vicki M.

Jenny Maid's client since 2010

“Jenny Maid’s comes into your home and begins working in the routine they have so well established to give you the best possible service.”

“Jenny Maid’s are conscientious, diligent workers and desire to fulfill your expectation.”

Karen W.

Jenny Maid's client since 2012

Jenny Maid’s has been an amazing service! My husband and I were in crisis mode when news came of his mothers passing. We both knew we should attend the funeral in Washington state where most of our family resides. We had a problem; who would watch our 17-year old Maine Coon (cat)? He just had mouth surgery and putting him in a kennel was out of the question. When Jennifer shared with me that Cleaning wasn’t her businesses only service; I lit up like a Christmas tree. She took care of our big boy while we were away doing a Fabulous job!!! Texting me reports each day; sending photos taking care of his needs and giving him much needed affection. Something he wouldn’t get just anywhere. When we returned home (Freedom) our cat was peaceful, content, playful and happy. Jennifer’s love for animals was profoundly obvious. We highly recommend this part of her service to anyone in need of a “Animal Sitter”.

Another Jenny Maid's client since 2018

“Jenny  Maid’s does a through job of cleaning, I am pleased with the results and would not hesitate to hire Jenny Maid’s again.”

Jenny Maid’s client since 2011

JoAnn B.

Jenny Maid's client since 2011

“In addition to their regular duties Jenny Maid’s takes the initiative and finds other things that needs to be done rather than waiting for someone tell them.” “I can be confident that the job will get done and that it will be done right.”

“Jenny Maids would be an assets to any organization , and I am happy to give them my recommendation”

Debra N.

Jenny Maid's client since 2011

“I am overjoyed with my CLEAN house… I was never able to get my stove to sparkle the way it does now. And the feeling I had when I opened my door and saw the transformation was sheer joy.One of the best things I have done in several years is call Jenny Maids.”

Debbie H.

Jenny Maid's customer since 2010

“Jenny Maids have proven themselves, not only in the quality of the services provided, but also in their personal desire to make sure you are pleased with the finished product. They are punctual and communicate well the jobs that will be tackled that day. They also enjoy meeting with you in periodic review sessions, asking for your feedback. They are dedicated to making sure the job is done right the first time!”

Jennifer A.

Jenny Maid's client since 2011